Policy & FAQ

How long will the repair take?

Any wetsuit can be repaired within 3-7 days. If you need it quicker, then there is a small rush fee of $25.

How long is the repair guaranteed?

We guarantee all repairs for 6 months within time stamp of purchase. 

How can I get a discount?

Send us your extra/unused/old wetsuit, and receive 15% off your order. Each additional suit donated is an additional 5% off up to 25%. What a deal!

Write us a review through & get 15% off your repair. YAY!

What's the best way to ship?

Check out this page. Please include return shipping of $15 in addition to your total for the repair.

How does international orders work?

Please fill out the quote form on this page and we'll get you all the information.

Payment Methods

- Send cash/check with the suit, make check payable to Express Wetsuit Repair

-Venmo: @expresswetsuitrepair